A lot of traffic comes from mobiles but most sales comes from PC - why? The main reason is that mobile customers demand intuitive and simple solutions like drag. Dragging is core in mobile behaviour and drag is not found in responsive design - until now!

You get better business by:

  • more products in the cart.

  • more customers to checkout.

  • more loyal customers.

Your customers gets a new shopping experience that are:

  • simpler, more in line with mobile behavior.

  • a faster way to get products in the cart and go to checkout.

  • a more emotional shopping instead of an order process.

Why should I use Drag2Cart?

  • More products in the cart and higher order value

  • Improved mobile conversion.

  • Better shopping experience - more returning customers.

  • Faster & Simpler & fewer steps to checkout.

  • Easy admin - No coding skills required to customize to your stores unique needs.

Research shows that touching the screen increases the willingness to buy the product and provides a better shopping experience. Thereby increasing customer loyalty.

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